I believe that creativity is the most powerful untapped resource that we have.

In four sessions, you'll have a solid strategy for what to in your life or career. 

Creative solutions accelerate your success

Hear the answers and see the solutions that you didn't realize were available to you through shifting your perspective with creative problem-solving techniques. 

Creative strategies take you the next level

Get specific guidance on what you can do for your business. Access the Biz Alchemy formula that turns your ideas into gold. 

that's what she said

“Two months after first working with Lauren, I raised $20,000” - Josette Eales

“I went from making $4,000 to $75,000 per month after working with Lauren." - Anna David

"Thanks to Lauren, I created my own business and sold it!" - Leighla McGregor

Creativity is modern day alchemy

You've been stuck for too long


Sometimes life is less "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and more "99 Problems". Maybe when you stop treading water (or drowning), you'll get back on your yellow brick road toward your dream career and life.

Maybe you know your next steps but are just too tired to take them. It can feel overwhelming, exhausting, frustrating and even debilitating doing it all alone. I've been there. Often. 

You're a smart cookie that's crumbling


 You've listened to podcasts, watched TED Talks, read books and done more than your fair share of self study but you’re simply not seeing the results show up in your life fast enough.

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything, - hiring a therapist or coach, getting a mentor,  enrolling in workshops, even getting holistic healing - but you still don't feel like you're where you want to be. You have this lingering sense that you're destined for something MORE. 

You can have more


 You can have satiation, satisfaction and wild success in ALL AREAS of your life - not just some.  I know because I live a life that's vibrant, richly delicious and full every day. You have full permission to access the same.  With plenty of quiet time for naps.

When you increase your capacity through clearing your head space, you leave room for the unexpected and magical to happen for you. 

Life-changing adventures, success beyond your wildest dreams, deep connection and peace of heart await you. 


I've been in preparation my whole life


I grew up feeling powerless so I developed my IMAGINATION as a necessary means to escape my reality.  My way out is your way in - to another realm of possibilities.  


There is an alternative approach every single problem. I learned how to find the gold in the darkest, most chaotic and volatile situations. My pain points became my super power because I see what's beneath the surface. I'll share insights that are blind spots to you, but obvious to me. I've developed a framework for developing your creative intuition through a lifetime of direct experience. 





Creative strategies to 10X your business.



Creative strategies to make your life delicious enough to share,

The Future is Collaborative

The rise of Collaborative Consumption, Digital nomads and Global citizens. (2014)

work life integration

Lauren speaks about optimising productivity for a more connected, joyful lifestyle. 

What is Confidence?

And what it's not! I speak at Future Females about showing up, holding space and what reeks of desperate insecurity! (Do you make the mistake of faking it until you make it?)