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I believe that creativity is the most powerful untapped resource that we have.

Three-month one-on-one accelerator programs for Business Optimization and personal mentorship for Emotional Alchemy

Creative solutions to satiate you

Shift your perspective to your creative vision instead of your problems.

Creative strategies skyrocket your success

What treasures have you overlooked? What money-makers do you already have access to that you're missing?

The Future is Collaborative

The rise of Collaborative Consumption, Digital nomads and Global citizens. (2014)

work life integration

Lauren speaks about optimising productivity for a more connected, joyful lifestyle. 

What is Confidence?

And what it's not! I speak at Future Females about showing up, holding space and what reeks of desperate insecurity! (Do you make the mistake of faking it until you make it?)

Portia Makoma on working with Lauren Wallett

"Lauren's incredible. Her aura is just Powerful and she's informative and she's present.

Sue Holtzhausen on working with lauren wallett

"Amazing practical tips. Amazing step by step strategy. If you want any practical advice or motivation to take your brand or your business to the next level - I highly recommend."

Lauren Dallas on working with Lauren Wallett

"This was a really unique and creative way for me - something I hadn't seen before of how to think about my business and really helps you with the messaging, your consistency and how you push your message and purpose out there into the world and attract the right kind of people. It's been amazing and I can't wait for the next one."

Dylan Wallett on working with Lauren Wallett

"It's really important to align my my personal goals with my professional goals."

Mikkie-Dene Le Roux on Lauren Wallett

"Lauren is entertaining and thorough and bold. It reaches me on so many more levels than just my mind. Being a creative person, she meets me there. Today has taught me the business part of the creative that I see myself to be. And it's been broken down into small chunks that are understandable and easy to do. Or easier to do, rather than an overwhelming whole."

She helped me raise $20000 in one month

"I can't even begin to describe what she does." 

- But you can listen to her try ;)