the secret spell

No one ever overdosed on themselves.

But we’re afraid of our "too muchness."

So we numb out with distractions. 

Substitute solutions. 

What if the missing ingredient in the spell of your life that’s delicious is you?

Not the watered down, half measured fraction of you. 

Not the dimmed, dumbed, muted or diluted version.

The secret spell to your heart’s wildest version of stimulation, satiation and success…the answer to all your perceived problems is the concentrated version of you.

When in doubt: Add More You.

You are the solution you’ve been looking for.

This secret spell cannot be duplicated by anyone else. 

Your blend is not another’s magic to make. You are non-replicable.

A once off occurrence. A lightening flash in the pan of life’s tasty treat -gobbled up and gone in a cosmic glimpse.

Often the additions we add into our third dimensional mix aren’t adding any value. 

They’re deductions from our potency. Removing us from ourselves. Breaks. Chasms.

These additions – are externals to distract from the internal. Usually, addictions.

And by any other name, as destructive. Disconnecting us from ourselves; from others; from source energy.

There is sorcery in sobriety.

Shrouded in mystery, there is a dark, rich, full, vibrant magick, denounced by society.

Disguised behind disease – with limited access to the sick, shamed and sinful.

The outcasts, the alcoholics and addicts. 

Beyond the painted picture of lives in tatters and ruin, lies a truth so potent, we’re kept from it at all costs.

And if you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it – then you are ready to take certain steps…

Behind the Scenes

Video recordings of the  to the first two pre-meetups are available when you purchase the ALL ACCESS Witches Rehab pass. You'll be sent the secret links. 

Sober Sorceress, Lauren Wallett is interviewed by the 12 Step Buddhist on his podcast about Witches Rehab. Link to the episode here: 

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Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of the 12 Step Buddhist Podcast Interview

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Witches Rehab is the brainchild of the Rebella Retreat: the 7 phases of the heroine's journey. For more information, videos, podcasts and a journal, find out more. 

Rebella: She. The first expression of the heroine's journey

Rebella: 7 Expressions of the Heroine's Journey

This episode unpacks the first expression of the 7 expressions in the Heroine's Journey.

The expression of 'She' contains all the aspects of the woman you'll release as you journey to become the fullest expression of your true self. 

The Heroine's Journey is 7 phases and moves from a state of SHE (stuck, small, shrouded and controlled) into a state of ME (free, expansive, revealed and self expressed).

Download this workbook to follow along.

To join the Rebella online retreat, click here.

Rebella and the Tarot: Unpacking The Magician, Strength and The Devil tarot cards

Activate your intuition and creativity through exploring the deeper meaning of tarot cards!

In this episode, I relate the first expression of the Heroine's Journey to the first vertical of the major arcana in the tarot cards for deeper insight into this phase. 

Phase 'She' as it shows up for us in the life - death - life cycle spiraling between the cards of: 

  • The Magician
  • Strength
  • The Devil

With an extra card reading: the 8 of cups as related to 'She'.

If you don't know anything about tarot - you will after listening to this!

To book me for a tarot reading, click here.

To download the Rebella workbook journal - click here.