Lauren Wallett is kaleidoscopic. She’s a prolific Creatrix who turned herself into software so she could return to the stage. Lauren is a non-conforming creative anarchist, who believes that creative self-expression is the highest form of freedom.

Hello, I’m Lauren

And I think that boxes are for cats.

The idea that people should be limited into a category or niche is one of the most ridiculous ideas I’ve ever heard. (And not ridiculous in a fun way.) Most ideas about “the way things are” are overdue for a reimagining.

We are quite literally made of stardust, so the idea that anyone could never be caged into a “demographic” or “job title” is bonkers. It’s Zucker-madness.

But if you must know, here are some facts and stats…

Facts & Stats

I’m 41 years alive. 3rd generation South African. My birthday is the 30th of January, 1983 making me an Aquarian. I’m an Enneagram 7 and a Kolbe Quick Start.

What I think about things…

I think everything we do expresses who we are.

So the more conscious our subconscious choices become, the more we get to live into the integrity of who we are. (The first book I published was called “Human Doing” about how authenticity aligns your actions with the best version of you.)

You get to design a lifestyle you love, and that means daring to do it differently to those around you.

We get to redo, start over, and rewrite our story as many times as we like.

I trust divine timing and believe that nothing that is truly meant for me will ever pass me by.

I’m no longer interested in motivating anyone to “better a better person”, myself included. I’m done with loathing myself for the parts of me I’ve demonized as repulsive.

I feel at peace when I embrace ALL parts of myself. From what I think are the smart, brilliant, and talented parts to the stupid, scared, and ordinary parts. And none of the parts need diluting, muting, or toning down – they simply need to be felt.

I believe we are moving from Meta to Theatre.

We get to shift from a patriarchy to a Playtriarchy where everyone is included.

My great hope for us is that our future will reflect ideas, voices, and innovations from the global majority not a handful of hoarder-hamster billionaires in their pyramid boy’s club.

I am less interested in individualistic self-help and more invested in community support and self-acceptance.

I believe in magic.

Magic shows itself as synchronicities.

Magic happens when we share what we love in a play space. These ingredients of Love, Play, and Magic are mixed into everything I do – from businesses I create, to theatre I make, to how I choose to live my life. (I wrote a book on alternative business, called Love, Play, Magic: Business Reimagined.)

I believe that the future is creative, collaborative and compassionate.

I love alliteration, puns, and nonsense. (I wrote a book called “A Game” about unlocking your subconscious mind to redirect your fate, and it was a list of A words with accompanying questions for self-discovery.)

I know any external fixes won’t solve my struggles with this human experience. But that coffee still helps!

I take playtime deadly seriously.

I live each day as if my life depended on it.

Even though I’d like to do all things, and be in all places, all at once, all the time… I’ve accepted that I’m also just another bozo on the bus, and also need to take it one day at a time, like everyone else.

Want to know more?

Here’s a quick overview of my last 11 years.

I’m a person with “Exceptional Ability” and got a green card for it based on my entrepreneurial expertise – here’s what that means.

My business endeavors are on the home page. Each business has a blog with lots of free resources for you. Take what serves you and leave the rest.

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I charge to do podcasts.

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