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Extract from the Rebella Preparation Session

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Rebella Prep

If you missed the Live preparation session, you can download it to listen to here. 

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Rebella: Your Recreation Story

Rebella was designed to help unfulfilled women access a new narrative for themselves through the heroine’s journey in three stages. 

A one month self discovery intensive for self expression

  • Rewrite your future in this concentrated four week intensive
  • Discover who you are 
  • Emerge as the fully expressed version of yourself



If you're feeling stuck with where you're at and you want to feel more at ease, then this course will show you how.

Chances are, if you’re feeling like there’s more for you, it’s because there is. You just need to give yourself permission to access it.

  • Break free from your rut
  • Move through your fear
  • Finally make the move toward the creative career you've always wanted

Rewrite yourself alive


Your Beginning

Your Beginning

Your Beginning

Reclaim your freedom 

Use your pain for actualization


Your Burning

Your Beginning

Your Beginning

Remember your power

Refine what you've forged in the fire


Your Birthing

Your Beginning

Your Birthing

Reveal your magic

Conceive of your next creation

Rebella: Rewrite yourself to life

Rebella is the result of nine years of exploration of lost stories, cross culture myths and alternative happy endings for women. It’s been refined and condensed into a concentrated program to compliment and enhance a pre existing busy lifestyle. 


 Transmute your pain into pleasure, power and purpose

You've been in preparation for pleasure your whole life. The very same things that have caused you to suffer are the keys to unlock your greatest career creations yet.

The Rebella Retreat was born after coaching thousands of people with self expression and seeing the specific needs that arise when dealing with stagnation in their lives.

Needs like reclaiming their freedom, remembering their power and revealing their magic. 

A vision for you

You don't have to stay stagnant or stuck. You are powerful beyond measure - a phoenix being forged in the fire, able to access the brightest magic already inside of you. I know because this is what I do all day, every day. And I guide others to access the same. 

Instead of fixating on solving problems that keep you mending instead of making, you'll create a fluid vision for you. 

Rewrite yourself to life

You've mapped the course for your current future based on your past paradigms and previous beliefs. If you want to expand your possibilities, you'll need to write your past, edit your present and rewrite your future. 

Roles, Beliefs and Stories

What roles have you outgrown that you still cling to?

Roles like: 

Good girl, party girl, sexy girl?

Perfect wife, best mother, badass boss bitch?

What are your limiting binary beliefs? 

that keep you stuck between “this” or “that”, black and white thinking?

What are the stories that trap you?

you've bought into that have stopped you achieving everything you've ever wanted?

Rewrite your roles, beliefs and stories to serve you.


Rebella online retreat: OCTOBER 2019

Welcome the sisterhood of the Wild Woke Women. 

Here’s to your beautiful rebellion.


In the message section tell me: Why are you ready to re-create now?

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Rebella: She. The first expression