You’re a light worker

So why does it still feel like there are things lurking in the shadows that you don’t have time to deal with just yet?

You're of service to others

You find yourself supporting others while your own emotional needs are pushed aside. 

You share share your shine with the world

Still, you need to keep your internal fires glowing to continue warming the hearts and minds of those who are looking to you for guidance and support. 

The creative intelligence of the sisterhood = crone wisdom

Our tribe of wild, woke women are changing the world

Within the sacred space of a sisterhood we activate Crone wisdom from the inside out.

There is power in the collective

Together, we are the key ingredients in the spell that will transform our planet. 

This is our online retreat

We gather weekly to prepare us for our soul mission work.

But it’s exhausting to be turned on all the time

You need me time.

You need replenishment, reprieve and relief. 

 I'm not talking about therapy, massage or a bubble bath (though all of those are lovely). 

I mean a sisterhood of soul-unionists where you don't have to play the "nurturing mother" role.

I’ve helped hundreds of women reclaim pieces of themselves from the people, places and things that stifled them. And I'm here to do the same with you.


This is our homecoming back to magic.

Your power isn't your surface self; it lies in your shadow self. 

Freedom means:

You have vibrant experiences

You are in love with life

You have self-acceptance


Gain access to your untapped energy resource: 

Creative Intelligence. 

Become more alive, awake, alert and enthusiastic after each weekly session. 

(Oh - and watch your career take off as you lighten your load.)

Apply now

transmute the lead that keeps you stuck into the gold that allows you to shine.

Emotional Alchemy: Suffering into Service

I've identified the blind spots that arise in Light Workers who ignore aspects of their essential selves. 

Blind spots like: 

Essential Permission:

  • You're allowed to change your mind about your career, dreams and future plans.
  • You're invited to leave people, places or things that no longer serve who you're becoming.

Distractions & Addictions:

  • You're able to free yourself when you know what they are.  
  • You're encouraged to put the focus on yourself.

Fixed Perspective:

  • You're empowered with new insights about the past, the present and your future.  
  • You're able to transcend space and time while being in the here and now.

Boring Stories:

  • You're permitted to re-write your past, re-script your present and unsubscribe from a future that's anything less than wildly thrilling to you. 
  • You're granted the happy ending of your choice. 

 P.S: Personal integrating practices are accelerated in a group. 

Rebella online retreat: the 7 week progam



You start asking questions

Week 2: SHE


You surrender control



You get messy

Week 4: EVE


You reclaim your power

Week 5: LILITH


You ignite your fire



You remember your magic 

Week 7: ME


You allow yourself to receive



One-on-one Inversion Therapy session 

Rebella WhatsApp support group

Rebella Scent Spell

Rebella Journal Guidebook



Week 5 Bonus: An All Access Pass to Witches Rehab (The 12 steps to magickal reclamation) 

nine 1 hour videos 

PLUS optional online coven meetups until Dec

Rebella online retreat: june 2019

R E B E L L A  is your invitation to Reclamation.

Your revealing is your revelation...and that's our revolution.


Welcome the sisterhood of the Wild Woke Women. 

Here’s to your Rebella reunion.


An example of a collaborative project my previous circle did...


South African Women describe their Rebella experience.


In the message section tell me: Why you, why now?

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Thank you for sharing

You'll hear back from me within 1 week if you're a good fit for our collective. Each Light Worker is handpicked to ensure a complimentary group dynamic. We're not right for everyone and everyone isn't right for us. There is only space for 12 women so if we're already at capacity, you'll be added to the wait list for 2020.  

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