The Creativity Coach with Lauren Wallett

Ep 1

How to set intentions for life and work, where to find like-minded colleagues, clients, and co-creators, and why a mastermind group may not be what you think. 


 The 12 steps to bringing your A Game to life.

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Rebella: She. The first expression of the heroine's journey

Rebella: She. The first expression of the heroine's journey

Rebella: 7 Expressions of the Heroine's Journey

This episode unpacks the first expression of the 7 expressions in the Heroine's Journey.

The expression of 'She' contains all the aspects of the woman you'll release as you journey to become the fullest expression of your true self. 

The Heroine's Journey is 7 phases and moves from a state of SHE (stuck, small, shrouded and controlled) into a state of ME (free, expansive, revealed and self expressed).

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Rebella and the Tarot

Rebella and the Tarot: Unpacking The Magician, Strength and The Devil tarot cards

Activate your intuition and creativity through exploring the deeper meaning of tarot cards!

In this episode, I relate the first expression of the Heroine's Journey to the first vertical of the major arcana in the tarot cards for deeper insight into this phase. 

Phase 'She' as it shows up for us in the life - death - life cycle spiraling between the cards of: 

  • The Magician
  • Strength
  • The Devil

With an extra card reading: the 8 of cups as related to 'She'.

If you don't know anything about tarot - you will after listening to this!

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