Plays In Progress

Lauren Wallett’s showcase of current plays-in-progress. Shape the future of contemporary theatre by learning, engaging, and supporting original theatre here.



The latest avant-garde creation by Lauren Wallett, plunges audiences into the depths of the absurd and surreal.

This performance art play melds a series of disjointed story snippets and rat tales with the figments of an untamed imagination, challenging the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

Scrapbook is an eclectic collection of maladaptive day dreams, vividly brought to life on stage.

Wallett’s unique narrative gnaws at your mind with, “What’s real?”—inviting her audience to tear up the layers of their own realities outside of this theatrical collage

Scavenger Hearts


Two Rats.

New York City.

Married to Godot meets Joe Black.


Impossible Love between Impossible Darkness.

“When you are born into darkness, you learn to see without your eyes. 

When you are born into darkness, you have to shine to guide your way out.”

Scenes & Scenarios