Shame, Trauma and Abuse

Transmutation takes the heavy and makes it light. 

Inversion Therapy

I come from a family history of addiction.

I've experienced emotional, verbal, psychological and sexual abuse.

My life has been riddled with death, divorces and destruction. 

Yet, I experience a freedom of life that is playful, joyful and light.

I've learnt to love the most shameful aspects of myself and know how to work with the suppressed, carried and residual shame in you. Some people see your aura. I see your shame. 


I believe that it's our shame that keeps us stuck, secrets that make us sick and that 

sharing our truth is our cure. 

I've developed Inversion Therapy over a lifetime of going to therapy, self-study, deep practice and practical experience from leading groups at trauma intensives, breath work facilitation, holding women's circles and personally coaching clients globally.

As a Way Finder in Martha Beck's Life Coach Program, I've learnt how to live it to give it, 

so before we work together, you can decide if we're a good fit by getting to know me better. 

Here are  two deeply personal podcast interviews I gave in 2019.  

Or to chat to me directly, drop me a line below. 

Personal Podcast Interviews



"Find out how to break free from addiction and start living the life you were meant to live." 

Past Family to Present Freedom



"Sharing your dark to find your light."

Sharing Shameful Secrets

Let's see if we're a good fit?

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Inversion Therapy developed from the Rebella Movement, which I started in South Africa in 2017.