What is Emotional Alchemy

 Your pain is your sweet spot of actualization. 

We’ll start where it hurts. 

Where there is shame, blame, guilt and loathing. 

Because where there is pain, there is possibility. 

Emotional Alchemy the ultimate solution to any dissolution, disappointment or devastation you’re facing. The overarching premise of Emotional Alchemy is to DISSOLVE instead of SOLVE.

Our power is in transmuting what causes us to suffer into what allows us true freedom. The alchemical tincture I use is creativity. 

Creativity is the most powerful untapped resource we have and I’ll show you how to access yours. The creative process will free you from whatever pain you’re facing: personally or in relationship to others and the world. Together we’ll apply the creative process to your situation. Your perspective will shift and your reality will tilt. 

Part of Emotional Alchemy is Inversion Therapy. 

Inversion Therapy is the undoing of all your should’s, have to’s, must’s and can’ts. It’s offers you an alternative happy ending. When we access the root cause of your suffering internally it allows the flowering effects of your freedom externally.

Freedom changes your relationship with yourself, others and the world. The pain of previous leaded problems that way you down, will emerge as the golden treasures you’ve sought. 

It works if you work it. 

Responsibility is yours alone and you cannot do the work on behalf of anyone else. But when you do it, you’ll no longer feel the need to change anyone else or any external situation, because you’ll have changed your own reality as you know it. 

You'll come to realize that what was previously considered heavy lead-like pain, was actually the exact raw material required for your golden future. 


I work best with individuals and couples who are willing to go to any length to change their current situation. 

  • This may require the support of a 12 step group
  • Additional reading 
  • Behavior changes 
  • Commitment to honoring yourself throughout the process. 


You don't have to figure it all out alone

There are just some things you just can’t do alone, control, rush or be truly ready for until you accessed all parts of yourself (including the parts you'd prefer were kept hidden!) 

To access our light, we first need to acknowledge our dark. 

Sometimes fear and shame gets in the way, and you need a little more encouragement, guidance and creative direction to break through.

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