Creatrix is the world’s first Social Media Content Forecasting Tool

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Analysis in Action: Your Data-Backed Creative Strategy

Elevate your content marketing with your unique Content Forecast that delivers:

Your results-driven content plan for growth, engagement, and sales.

Customized for you.

Creatrix is the Ultimate Social Media Marketers’ Support Tool.

Let’s face it, we don’t need to schedule more content.

We need superior content that drives growth and sales.

Content Marketing is not about scheduling and posting. It’s about achieving Creative Excellence. 

You can schedule as much cheap, fast content as you like but it counts for nothing. All that matters is the RESULTS your content gets…

Creatrix is for Social Media Marketers of the Future.

“It’s data-infused content genius!”

Used by:

Marketing Agency Owners | Social Media Managers

Small Business Owners | Digital Marketers

How does Creatrix work?

Creatrix cuts through data overwhelm to only measure results that matter so that you know exactly what to post next.

The focus is results-driven content that powers:

Audience Growth, Higher Engagement & More Sales

Social Media Content Forecasting

Content insights translated into an actionable plan

Creatrix translates your social media data into an actionable content forecast plan so that you only post what gets you results.

Content forecasting is the process of using data analysis to predict the future performance of your posts. Creatrix analyzes specific data from your social media platforms, tracks the results your content gets, and sets benchmarks so that you know:

What to post, what not to post, and creative direction on what to post next.

Post Results Improved Monthly

Want to make your social media posts even better?

Creatrix uses technology that takes your past posts to tell you what type of content will perform best in the future.

Get ready for more engagement, followers, and sales!

A Note from Creatrix Founder:

“The Content Analytics Whisperer” 

[Lauren Wallett]

Speeding up a process that doesn’t generate results is pointless.

But most of the marketing tools available prioritize mass-producing and scheduling content, which is a “quick fix” distraction that wastes time, resources, and money.

You need content that converts into a loyal audience who buys from you and keeps coming back for more. To do that, reverse engineer the results first.

Data doesn’t lie so when you’re able to translate it, it will tell you exactly what to do, and not to do next.

The future of content marketing is results-driven content that generates revenue. And that’s what Creatrix gets you.

Your Content Forecast Shows You To


Get your content audit to avoid making the same mistakes again


Get your summary of what works best so you can keep doing it

#3 DO NEXT: 

Get a step-by-step list of what to do differently next time

Creatrix [kreˈäːt̪riːks̠]

someone who brings forth & produces

Creatrix shows social media marketers what social media content is working, what isn’t, and what content to post next.