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Love, Lauren: The Introduction

Love or Content, that was my question. 

Setting the Scene... becoming 'Love, Lauren'. 

October 2010 / October 2017

(Never before published stories)

Love, Lauren: side A

Side A: stories from the Love, Lauren Blog.

(*Victim Alert* All the things the men did wrong!!)

"Content for daaays boy!"

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Rebella: Love Stories


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The Collection of Beautiful Rebel Love Stories. Click to purchase above. Copy will be emailed to you. 

You said it

Jeannie Dee


You write so beautifully... Really a true talent... Write a book... Lots of them.

Caroline Tomlinson


You're like the CT* equivalent of SJP*, but with more umph.

*Cape Town / Sarah Jessica Parker

Danielle Bitton


Your brilliance and fearlessness is unmatched.

Ryan Cottrel


You write beautifully. Raw, honest and graceful.

Jackie Pillay


I really like your blog. It’s really awesome. You have such talent. Read like a couple of your posts… got me hooked!

Brigid Prinsloo


Stunning piece!!! So well said!!! You are AMAZING!

Carla-Leigh Ziady


Lauren, you are amazing.

Tania Pheiffer


LOVE LOVE LOVE this Lauren!

Jonathan Liebmann


You write with such rare honesty and conviction. As I have always said, you should be more of a writer.

LOVE, LAUREN: A co-creation between a writer and her readers...

The Idea:

Complete the book with me...

  • Side A: stories from the Love, Lauren Blog.

(*Victim Alert* All the things the men did wrong!!)

  • Side B: what I wasn't saying... what I was doing. My part.

(*Full Disclosure* Way worse...)

Full Access:

Readers to read the complete collection of Side A.

Based on your direct feedback, Side B will be written in response:




Favourite stories will get a Side B: the untold versions of the story.

The Flip side of the story (My part. All the things I've never admitted to.)

Story follow up's (Where are they now?)

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