Incremental shifts lead to exponential growth.

An optimised road map leads to ACCELERATED success. 

As a person who gets bored quickly, I'm not interested in little hops - I want you to grow in leaps and bounds. 

Maybe 'better than what I currently have' is good enough for some. It's not for me. 

I want you to double down on your success as a starting point.

And then, lets x10 your business.

It takes just as much time and effort to make a little bit of money, so let's just make a lot.

I don't work well with small minded thinkers. But dreamer-doer hybrids and those open to success beyond their wildest imagination - Alchemists in training - you are my people!

If you want to play small and safe, I'm not the coach for you. If you're ready to step into the spotlight of your life - you have come to the right spot!

Let's get started

Instagram Inspiration

Instagram tips with Lauren Wallett and Anna David

Creative Strategy for your Business. Ready to take it to the next level?

Let's map out exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go.

Thinking: timeline, team, tech solutions and tool kits. (I think best in batches so I love alliteration.)

The process I'll guide you through is:

  • Conceptualisation (pouring out all your ideas and their variables.)


  • Categorisation (what pieces are complimentary and which can be combined and consolidated?)


  • Prioritisation (where are we starting and what's the journey for the next 3 months  to a year?)



We now have a solid foundation for your road map.

Never settle for 'okay' when optimal is available. 

She helped me raise $20000 in one month

"I can't even begin to describe what she does." 

- But you can listen to her try ;) 

I was hemorrhaging money and now I'm making more than ever

Anna didn't know what 'Creative Strategy' was. Until she experienced it and it not only transformed her business, but opened up multiple new revenue streams. 

Portia Makoma on working with Lauren Wallett

"Lauren's incredible. Her aura is just Powerful and she's informative and she's present.

Sue Holtzhausen on working with lauren wallett

"Amazing practical tips. Amazing step by step strategy. If you want any practical advice or motivation to take your brand or your business to the next level - I highly recommend."

Lauren Dallas on working with Lauren Wallett

"This was a really unique and creative way for me - something I hadn't seen before of how to think about my business and really helps you with the messaging, your consistency and how you push your message and purpose out there into the world and attract the right kind of people. It's been amazing and I can't wait for the next one."

Dylan Wallett on working with Lauren Wallett

"It's really important to align my my personal goals with my professional goals."

Mikkie-Dene Le Roux on Lauren Wallett

"Lauren is entertaining and thorough and bold. It reaches me on so many more levels than just my mind. Being a creative person, she meets me there. Today has taught me the business part of the creative that I see myself to be. And it's been broken down into small chunks that are understandable and easy to do. Or easier to do, rather than an overwhelming whole."


Meet your Dream Team: Jamie Jensen, Anna David and Lauren Wallett. Where in the world would you get access to the best creative talent on the planet? Well, right here of course! We've got you covered.

You've just found the gasoline to light your fire right up! 

Gimme the magic 3!

dream team: jensen / david / wallett

Copy That!


Copy That! is a self-study evergreen copywriting course for coaches, consultants, strategists, designers, writers, healers,  online service providers or a personal brand who’s looking to create or radically improve their website and turn their website creepers into clients!

(and become better writers for the long-term!)

How to make your book a BESTSELLER


Your two-month plan to hit the top of the lists.


  • Podcasting for writers
  • Newsletters for writers
  • PR for writers

Activate your zone of Creative Genius.


Share your creative genius with the world and turn your ideas into gold.

Step by Step guide to completing a stand out Brand Bible with a future-proof Creative Strategy. 


The Complete Guidebook Collection of 4 books. 





Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This unique discovery extraction process (part of BRAND LIFE) was developed by Lauren Wallett in 2012. 

It forms the basis of all Alchemist Methodology. 

Based on Lauren's history of character creation, as an actress, theatre director and producer, CEO of Star Quality Performing Arts School and Bachelor of Arts degree in live performance, the process draws out the holistic essence of the brand in order to make the intangible, into a tangible reality. 

Redefined since 2012 after taking hundreds of individuals and brands through the process, the method has been distilled into a fine art.

The ideas activated through your own creative genius become the solid foundation on which to create a brand that is irresistible, intriguing and individual. 

Showcase your brand online.

Share your story with the world. 

Standout as credible and exceptional.

SHINE your brand's brilliance.

It's time to unlock the genius of your brand and unleash it's power into the world. 

You get all the ingredients to craft your complete

  • Brand Bible
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Categories
  • Social Style Guide
  • Content Guide

OR book Lauren@alchemist-academy.com for a one one one journey through the BRAND LIFE process.