the future is collaborative

Your Creative Strategy


We've already co-created your Creative Strategy and you have your Brand Bible Blueprint. 


You're already implementing it. 

What's next?

Your Future Strategy


You have your 3 - 9 month strategy outline from me, but it's been a struggle implementing it all alone. 

You'd love some support but aren't ready to invest $1000 a month for one-on-one just yet. 

You need to make more money now. But how?

Your dream team


Meet the others in the exact same position as you (some of the bravest, coolest, most hard working people I know!) 

You've got the same desires: to make an Impact, be Independent and generate a great Income

And you know that team work makes the dream work, so it's time to join forces to accelerate your success.

Your virtual co-work space


Let's work together! 

Weekly Zoom calls

Accountability partners

WhatsApp support group

My VIP black book of creative experts

Monthly one-on-one strategy sessions (with me and you).

ALSO get the latest updates on business resources, what works, best practices, tech tools and more (summarized by us for you).

How it works

Starting JULY 2019

As you know, Future Strategy sessions one-on-one with me are a $1000 per month investment. 

If you sign up for our virtual co-work community, it's $999 for 3 months. That's $333 per month. 

It's triple the value for a third of the cost.


You get to choose either:

  • An Intuitive Tarot Reading
  • Your own Essential Oil Kit (I'm obsessed with oils now!)
  • An extra creative strategy session with me
  • $150 toward a course by my Dream Team

Because our Emotional Alchemy is just as important.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only for you, because we've worked together already.

This is NOT for just anyone. I've handpicked everyone who's been invited to this collective. I believe in each of you and I believe in the power of us. 

Experiment for 3 months and I'll give you an extra month for free

Join now and you'll get the rest of June absolutely free.

If you haven't seen an improvement in your business in 4 months, you're welcome to leave the group. I highly doubt it, but it's extra protection for you because I want you to feel safe and super comfortable. 

Thank you for trusting me with this. 

Here's to reaching the next level together. 


virtual co-work space

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Book now and get access from today until 1st October 2019