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International speaker and creativity coach, Lauren speaks on the power of creativity, collaborative consumption and how to shift your perspective. 

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Ready for Magic?

You’re a unique rare individual, capable of accessing magic. 

You crave a life that’s delicious, a business that’s thriving and magical happenings beyond your wildest dreams.

You’re brave, ready for more and fully capable - so what gives? 

It feels like it's just not happening fast enough and you don't know what else to try next.

You could be overlooking something obvious

- Something that you haven't been trained to see yet.

In fact, it's likely the same thing that's preventing you taking the next steps in your career.  

You may not know that certain steps are even allowed - because up until now, you haven't believed that they were possibilities for you.

I'm here to remind you of exactly what you're truly capable of

I see the hidden opportunities and know to help you access them. 

Fact is… you simply don't know what you don't know and our brilliance is often masked behind a wall of blind spots.

Only when we've identified what they are can we dissolve them and that's where the alchemy begins! 

You don't have to figure it all out alone

There are just some things you just can’t do alone, control, rush or be truly ready for until you accessed all parts of yourself (including the parts you'd prefer were kept hidden!) 

To access our light, we first need to acknowledge our dark. 

Sometimes fear and shame gets in the way, and you need a little more encouragement, guidance and creative direction to break through.

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Hello hidden you

I know all about thinking myself into a spin, wondering how I could achieve my goals when there were so many parts of myself I wasn't comfortable with yet!  

In case we’ve never met before, let me tell you a little bit about me:

I'm here to celebrate you

I'm a creativity coach meaning that I don't separate out work from life. I see it all as one fluid, dynamic experience and treat it that way. It's all a delicious, messy mixture and I do delicious well! 

I've created a lifestyle and career that's so vibrant, rich, layered and full, that I want to share it with you too. 

Life's a party and there's no reason our work shouldn't be one great celebration of our talents and triumphs. 

WARNING: It may feel like magic

As an Intuitive, I'm able to read people to hear the unspoken. I'm able to spot where your zone of genius and dormant talents. 

As dreamer-doer hybrid, I walk my talk. I'd sold three businesses by 26, re-built my life after divorce, changed careers and spontaneously immigrated to Los Angeles. So I know all about regaining success after set-backs, sacrifices and sheer terror at the prospect of starting over again. 

I've harnessed the ability to self generate and can show you how to do the same. 

Play in the realm of Possibility

In between the strict linear lines of this and that lies the space of creative possibility. 

The is that isn't yet.

When you access this state, it absolutely will transform reality as you know it. If absolutes were a thing ;)

And it's more fun than you can possibly imagine. It's also a lot easier than the exhausting work of trying to prove yourself.  You'll be expanding so exponentially, you may find you forget about fitting in. 

When you feel bigger, you're able to make bolder moves. And with the the extra space comes a capacity to recreate your life any way you choose. 

Not your average coach

Hi, I'm Lauren Wallett - your creativity coach

I believe that everything is interconnected and we're all more than just one thing. I won't be telling you to focus on one area, meditate to solve all your problems or pretend that I know what's best for you if only you could get over your damn self. 

I work will all parts of you. The more confused, complicated and contradictory - the better! 

I'm not afraid of your chaos. I'll embrace it.

Let's start where it doesn't make sense and jump right into the messy middle. Bring ALL of you - I can take it and together we will manifest magic. And I've worked with thousands of people, across all ages since 2004. From six to sixty. From CEOs to housewives. I could work with you too, but that's totally up to you. 


Not ready? Not yet? Not good enough? No ideas? Too many ideas! 

Dissolving your fears are part of the process. 

Wherever you're at, we'll start there. 


I gained direction in my life.


Pete Johnson 


"Lauren has the remarkable ability to pinpoint the emotions someone is feeling and help the person identify them so they can be dealt with. I was able to identify and begin to flesh out a whole personal philosophy I didn’t even know that I had. Also I came away with a workable plan to move forward with my life rather than continue to stagnate.

She helped me gain insights and identify things that I needed to deal with. I gained direction in my life and set realistic goals for self-improvement."

My energy shifted in a significant way.


Philip E. Daniels, Esq. *

Ginsburg Daniels Kallis LLP

"Lauren helped me tremendously and certainly shifted my energy in a significant way.

I’m even starting to look at situations in a more playful way, as opposed to my serious Capricornian approach."

Change the course of your life!


Kev Curran (Filmmaker & Social Entrepreneur ) @soulpoetuk 

"Lauren is a force of life with infinite energy. She challenged me to rethink what my true dreams are and caused me to question why I'm not making them happen.

I was pessimistic about another Life Coach selling a dream but she's genuine, passionate and inspiring. You cannot fail to be galvanised by her powerful perspectives and energy. 

To challenge someone on something so significant as their dreams and aspirations is a feat in itself, but to create an impact that empowers you to take action to change the course of your life is incredible."


I made my movie within the first two months!


Josette Eales (Producer, Writer & Actress) @josetteeales

"Lauren give me encouragement to be brave, permission to do the crazy wild things I think I can’t and revelations at a soul level. She writes permission slips for other people’s greatness to arise and inspires everyone around her to be themselves. Lauren sees though pretence and inauthenticity by establishing very quickly who and what people are. Lauren showed me how to put my ideas into action - and then I crowd funded and made my first movie within 2 months!"

I created my own company!


Leighla McGreggor (Producer) 

"I was free-lancing before Lauren coached me through setting up my own company. Within 3 months, I was approached by a larger one and we merged! She's the reason I dived in and just did it. I've never looked back."

Live more joyfully and purposefully.


Felicity Guest (Human Rights Advocate & Speaker) @felicityguest

"Lauren embodies rebel, fun, authenticity, playfulness and fearlessness. She has a wonderful way of encouraging women to live more joyfully and purposefully. I hear her words echo everyday. This is my new affirmation: I manifest abundance everyday, having fun while doing what I love and making a difference in people's lives."

The Creativity coach

Your International Creativity Coach: Lauren Wallett

After developing a unique marketing methodology, international speaker, writer and coach Lauren Wallett became a creative strategist for, among others, Desroches Island, Bayete Game Reserve, Machaba Bush Camp, Kraft Heinz, Planters, Miracle Whip, Workshop 17 and Light Hustle Publishing.  

By the age of 26, she had created and sold three businesses—a performing arts school, acting agency, entertainment company and then created South Africa’s first pop up concept store.  

She's been on the board of Silicon Cape, the global curator of Collaborative Consumption Africa, a judge for the Start-up Chile, a mentor for women in tech, a reality TV personality and an official Techstars pitch coach.

Powerful creative solutions for your work and life

  • Get fierce enough to follow through on your convictions. 
  • Have fun while living a lifestyle you love.
  • Feel like anything is possible.

Your EMERGENCE awaits...

When you're ready for more, I can show you how to find satisfaction, fulfill your deepest potential and change your life from the inside out.  

You won't emerge as the same person you are now. 

Find your creativity and follow your convictions


Clear the chaos in your mind to gain crystal clear clarity on who you are and what you plan to do about it.


Courageously follow convictions with ease, joy and grace.


Conceptualise your creative direction to reach your ultimate desires. 

you and me: what we can do together

I believe I'm here to:


  • Turn my suffering into service

  • Taste freedom through every choice I make

  • Help you realize your potential 

  • Make my fire the matchstick to your flame. 

I believe we have the power to:


  • Turn our ideas into gold

  • Transition  from victims to creators

  • Activate our own creative genius

  • Live a life and have a career that's vibrant, delicious, layered, rich and full.