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I'm here to help you exponentially transform your life and 10X your career through the power of creativity. 

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Connection to Abundance.

Described by seven-time New York Times bestselling author and transformational journalist Neil Strauss as "Incredibly brilliant," Lauren Wallett presents on Connection to Abundance in Los Angeles 2018. 

"The opposite of HELPLESSNESS isn't POWER, it's CREATIVITY" - Martha Beck

What would you do if you knew what you were capable of?

You're here, so I'm guessing you know that there is something MORE for you in your life and career. I've got good news for you: that pervasive feeling of it's not quite right is about to get Goldilocks delicious. 

I'm here to introduce you to an alternative happy ending—one that's brighter (and way more interesting) than you could possibly have hoped for. 

If you're ready for the perspective shift that unlocks a universe of possibilities, then you're ready to take certain steps. 

{Spoiler alert: The rules you've been taught do not apply. }

You're about to enter the realm of creative possibilities.

Where painful problems become playful solutions,

suffering becomes service and

ideas turn into gold.

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"Change the course of your life."

 “Lauren challenged me on my dreams and aspirations, which is a feat in itself, but the fact that she created an impact that empowered me to take action to change the course of my life in 30 minutes is incredible."

- Kevin Curran 


"Everything we do expresses who we are"

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