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Change the course of your life!

Lauren is a force of life with infinite energy. She challenged me to rethink what my true dreams are and caused me to question why I'm not making them happen.

I was pessimistic about another Life Coach selling a dream but she's genuine, passionate and inspiring. You cannot fail to be galvanised by her powerful perspectives and energy. 

To challenge someone on something so significant as their dreams and aspirations is a feat in itself, but to create an impact that EMPOWERS YOU TO TAKE ACTIONS to change the course of your life is incredible (inside of 30 minutes!)

- Kev Curran (Filmmaker & Social Entrepreneur ) @soulpoetuk 

She encourages me to be brave!

Lauren give me encouragement to be brave, permission to do the crazy wild things I think I can’t and revelations at a soul level. She writes permission slips for other people’s greatness to arise and inspires everyone around her to be themselves. Lauren sees though pretence and inauthenticity by establishing very quickly who and what people are. She's a lightning spark Magician, a powerful creator and makes me remember to dance with the joy of life.

- Josette Eales (Producer, Writer & Actress) @josetteeales

Live more joyfully and purposefully!

Lauren embodies rebel, fun, authenticity, playfulness and fearlessness. She has a wonderful way of encouraging women to live more joyfully and purposefully. I hear her words echo everyday. This is my new affirmation: I manifest abundance everyday, having fun while doing what I love and making a difference in people's lives.

- Felicity Guest (Human Rights Advocate & Speaker) @felicityguest

Connection to Abundance.

Described by the x7 New York Times Best selling author and transformational journalist, Neil Strauss as "Incredibly brilliant", Lauren Wallett presents on Connection to Abundance in Los Angeles 2018. 

clarity + confidence + creativity


Clear the chaos in your mind to gain crystal clear clarity on who you are and what you plan to do about it.


Courageously follow your personal and professional convictions with ease, joy and grace.


Conceptualise the creative direction of your life.  Categorise and prioritise your commitments to reach your heart's desires.


"Our revealing is our revelation; it's our revolution. "

Your new life starts now.

You're exactly where you need to be.

Welcome to your return home.

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Connection coaching:


Reconnect to Creative Source.


Reveal yourself through Authentic Action.


Recover your power by remembering who you are.

"Lauren creates a safe space for self expression."

You're safe to be seen, heard and understood as you are. 

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