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Freedom from your endless "to do" list

Prioritize your highest value activities

Let your busy tasks go by focusing  on what matters most

Virtualize your business with tech tools

Get the support of a 24/7 super-human  team for a fraction of the price

Maximize your marketing for celebration

Share your unique genius with an online audience

Pulled in a million different directions


I see you trying to do it all at once

  • Managing your business
  • Setting up shop online
  • Posting on social media
  • Setting up your email list
  • Brainstorming your nurture sequence
  • Defining your offers
  • Planning your podcast
  • Writing your book
  • Learning new technology
  • Creating your courses
  • Studying more courses
  • Offering one-on-one sessions
  • Paying your bills AND 
  • Trying to live your #bestlife during a global pandemic!

YES your multi-tasking could put a Cirque Du Soleil juggler to shame but it's A LOT, it's exhausting and it doesn't need to stay like this. 

Truth Talk: Do you really need to do all these things?  Yes, you do - but the good news is, not in the way you've been doing it and not all alone. 

Up until now, you’ve been doing the exhausting, overwhelming version - like taking the stairs. I’m going to introduce you to the escalator version of your success. 

When you optimize your business you actually work less and earn more

What's it like to work with me?



The Olympian

The Olympian

The Olympian

 "I thought I needed an assistant but it turned out that with the right systems in place, I don't! Lauren shifted my perspective and I've had more time to become clearer about my future vision- which is much bigger and more about me than I'd previously thought! I started a business board, expanded my community, outsourced the right team."


Samantha Peszek, Owner of Beam Queen Bootcamp


The PR Queen

The Olympian

The Olympian

"I used to feel chaotic and disjointed, like I was always catching up. Now I feel structured with a plan and processes in place. My business has taken off. I've signed deals that were previously stagnant, gotten new clients and am growing each month. I now understand the value I bring to my clients and feel better about myself because of it."


 Keri Ann Kimble, Hollywood Producer and PR Agent


The Agent

The Olympian

The Agent

 "I was ready to take myself seriously and invest in my future, so I started working with Lauren. She not only increased my confidence and provided me with structure, she also made me think outside the box and gave me incredible tools to become the best version of myself. I didn't realize  what I was truly capable of - I'm more than I ever dreamed possible."


Jonathan Mogharrabi, Property Agent

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