Media Magic for Business Owners

Visibility & Credibility

For Brands that sell Lifestyle Services and Boutique Products

Media Magic is how you get discovered by an entirely new audience. Just like magic, seeing really is believing and media gets you SEEN and HEARD.

Remember that if no one knows about you, it’s impossible to buy from you. Media puts you in the spotlight so that you can attract the right audience for all you offer to the world.

Get attention to make the sales you deserve

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Who is Lauren Wallett?

Hey, hey, I’m Lauren Wallett


I’m a coffee-loving creatrix, living my enchanted life like it’s a holiday – because it kind of is! I help business owners get more out of their business by doing less. We do that through the power of media, strategic partnerships, dynamic content, and creating a community-based business. My methods are anti-hustle and non-patriarchal. I use Love, Play, and Magic in every business I help to maximize and my results have been exceptional for over 18 years, internationally. I’ve helped businesses 10X revenue, create new profitable offers, grow their audiences, and change their perspective on how business gets to be done.

I run Create Business Academy, Malva PR, and Rebella Nation, and my businesses support my writing habit. You can typically find me somewhere gorgeous, sipping a coffee and typing stories on my laptop.

I believe that magic happens when we come together for a common cause and right now, that’s your success.

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